Works in Progress

  • The Trawler Wreck All: Political Ecology and a Belizean Village. Jim Crawford’s 1996 Masters thesis about the Garifuna village of Hopkins Belize and the cultural and environmental degradation occurring due to export shrimp trawling begun in their traditional fishing waters. The story traces the external forces (geo-political, national, cultural and environmental factors that combined to create this tragic devastation. “The Trawler Wreck All” is a primer for all interested in global and local environmental and cultural preservation, by telling this story of how things can go so wrong. The thesis was chosen to represent Virginia Tech in a competition of masters thesis among Southern Universities.

  • “Rimming Out: A daily journal of an American crossing.” An editing work in progress (soon to move from the back burner), “Rimming Out” is the story of the Crawford honeymoon adventure as they bicycled from Seattle to Virginia from June 18, to October 3, 1996. Condensed from his 80,000 word diary of interviews and impressions as they rode and camped 4,323 miles across the amazing North American continent. Pulling a “Bob” trailer packed with guitar and violin, tape recorder and too many books, and their complete tent home/kitchen, the journal speaks to each day’s unfolding upon a changing and diverse physical and cultural landscape. Their bicycles journeyed the unknown, leaving a thin line embossed upon the country’s byways connecting stories and places with their own dreams and hopes. This meandering and hopeful coarse serves as the storyline of this American odyssey. Read the Admiral's story, an excerpt from "Rimming Out"