About Us

Swinging Gate Productions, LLC formed in 2002 as a portal for written, visual, and audio information about the world around us. We are interested in the interconnections between human culture and environment, and the paradoxical nature of this interaction. Other interests include:

  • Patterns of cultural diversity and environmental diversity.
  • Music and songwriting
  • Traditional cultures
  • Travel
  • Urban life in the new millennium


Mailing address:
Swinging Gate Productions, LLC
822 13th Street SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

We are interested in tobacco farmer’s memories and family farm stories and histories. If you have such experiences and would like to share them, please contact us. This also includes recent experiences of dealing with and adjusting to the end of the tobacco program. Memories and experiences can be written and sent to Jim Crawford, Swinging Gate Productions, LLC via , or by regular mail to the address listed above. Please include all your contact information so that we can contact you.